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“Working with Gulu was a profound and joyous experience. Using his distinctive approach to character work, I was able to physically inhabit my character. Gulu uses neutral masks, animal work, elements, and adjectives to bring the character into our bodies with focus, imagination, breath, and images. What happens is that the character appears with ease and effortlessness, and we can explore the character's world by being in our bodies without being in our heads, so to speak. We did many exercises before we ever used the text and then what happened was magical. Gulu brings his passion, intelligence, and joy as an artist to the classes, so they were just so much fun! He creates an atmosphere of joy and sharing for all of us.”

Susan Fisher
Happy Student

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In Just 6 Weeks, You’ll Learn to:

How emotions are fundamentally physical actions/movements of muscles in the face, limbs, and internal organs, and feeling are the mental representation of these actions and also the generator of conscious mind, rationality, imagination, and creativity.

The character has his own body (different than yours), the movements triggered by emotion will produce feelings and thoughts that are different than yours as well.

Become then a privileged witness of your character's feelings and thoughts without being affected by them.